Welcome to 'A SHOT WITH' an exclusive time where we take a deep dive into the lives of our SOG fam. From the OG crew to our extended family they'll dish on everything from career highs to late-night musings. This is 'A SHOT WITH' – Episode 01 featuring Laranja.


On his earliest street memories:

So, honestly, I guess that one of my first earliest street memories, If we can call it this way, was when I was like 6 years old and skateboarding fashion came in, came to town or to the country, however you wanna call it and my dad bought me a skateboard, and I enjoyed it for six months or whatever, but it was, I very quickly realised that I wasn’t cut for it, and still today, still to this day I do like skate items and good clothing but I couldn’t care less about skateboarding. So I guess this is one of the first street culture interactions that I’ve had in my life.


On his sources of inspiration:

What inspires me is usually street culture of course. I’ve been doing graffiti for more than 20 years, so the color combination, the textures. I like long shorts, like, I’ve played basketball all my life, I still do at a veterans league, so I like confortable clothing, baggy, oversized, relaxed fit, all of the above and it has to do with hiphop, it has to do with music mostly, so I grew up within the Soul, Black Music thing, R&B ish, Soul, Jazz, and then eventually I moved on to HipHop, that is the base of it all, and later on in my life I adopted the Reggae thing wich still influences me but honestly, I never wanted to, I always wanted to be a discreet guy and not a guy that is out there, like too obvious, I have no Rastas, I don’t wear the colours of reggae, and I like discreet stuff, so, yeah but of course when you’re within a musical genre you get to see all the artists and everybody that is around them and what they are wearing, so of course it influences me, that’s why I’ve worn Clarks since I can remember, because it’s a big deal in the Jamaican scene thing. So, yeah I guess it’s a little bit of everything but it’s music above everything. It’s music, it might be Hiphop with all it’s four elements, the breakdance, beatbox, graffiti, deejaying of course turntables. 



On the importance of good vibes:

That’s what it’s all about, it’s good vibes, it doesn’t matter what you are doing or what you are saying as long as you do it with a good vibe. I’m the type of dude that is always smiling, because I love being alive, so whenever I’m talking to people even if it’s on the phone or whatever, when I smile it’s noticeable that I’m smiling, and I do like that. So for me that’s a good vibe. And a good vibe is not something that you can push or manufacture something you feel, it has got to be organic, it’s a close interaction, it has a broad meaning and a broad definition, still, a good vibe is a good vibe, and that’s what I’m all about and that’s why I’m a part of this project as well, it’s because it is a really good vibe.


On what’s next:

What’s next? Hum… the world! I want to take over the world. We are already like, local, national heroes, in a way we are a reference for a lot of people, so I do believe that the world is ours, so, that is what’s next, the world. Everything is next, once we are done with these goals, I thoroughly believe that there will be no more obstacles, nothing that we can’t do or we won’t be able to do. It’s been a long process, a learning process, but it’s been worthwhile, so, I can not let you know what’s coming next, but do pay close attention because we are coming up, we are stepping up!



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