Take a trip into the green haze of 4/20 with SOG's latest drop featuring exclusive pieces designed to hit the vibe and celebrate the essence of the grass.

First up the SOG 420 Tee invite all stoners to show the love for this natural mystic plant.¬†Promising a journey to pure serenity¬†Tropical¬†buddies helped us deliver an exclusive and limited magical weed ‚ÄĒ The Northern Lights Premium CBD.¬†Complete your celebration with essential tools ‚Äď from premium¬†grinders¬†to exclusive¬†lighters¬†designed for a chill time.

Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of the SOG 420 Capsule Collection.



The vibe continues with an exclusive mixtape by DJ RAHPHA resonating with the Cannabis community perfect for partying or just chilling.

"As soon as I got invited by my SOG family, I started producing some weed themed edits/mashups and building a mix that not only showcases my love for Jamaican music but also resonates with the whole Cannabis community. I believe this mixtape can get you either warmed up for a party or just in the mood to relax like it's sunday morning."



Let's keep blazin'.



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